Planning Tools

Our planning tools are designed to help in planning and creating solutions to suit your needs. Take a look at the tools below to assist in planning your next project.

Sliding Door Advisor

Sliding Door Advisor

Use this tool to help identify which sliding door mechanism best suits your usage. 


Sliding Door Advisor

Door weight calculator

It’s important when selecting complementary fittings for panels such as sliding door gear to know the weight of your doors. The first step to approaching a project such as sliding doors, is to calculate the perfect system for the individual door weight. 

Another great example for using this tool would be specifying the correct model of a cabinet flap system based on the parameters of your door weight and size. It’s important for the smooth functionality of your product to have the correct weight bearing capacity of your flap fitting for the cabinet door you are fitting. 


To the calculator
Häfele CAD data

CAD data

Use our library of 40,000 articles to transfer drawings and models into your own CAD applications. 2D and 3D views of the products are available for download.

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Loox light planning

Loox Lighting Simulation Tool

Use our interactive Loox Lighting simulator to discover how to cast your furniture and spaces in the right light and learn more about the various products and their technical features.

Loox Simulation Tool