Office Fire Door Fittings

Here at Häfele, we pride ourselves on providing as much as possible for your project under one roof with our extensive product selection – and fire door fittings are no exception. We provide every fitting that you need to make your fire door safe and compliant with regulations. The checklist below details all of the product that you would require for a fire door in an office application. 


  1. Hinges
    You will need three hinges to securely connect the door to the door frame. Hafele’s Stainless Steel Butt Hinge has two high quality ball bearing race joints and an ANSI hole pattern; ideal for internal application. View the product here.
  2. Hinge Pads
    Hinge pads should be fitted into the door cut outs before the hinges are fitted. These pads are fire rated for 30 and 60 minutes and are unaffected by moisture, humidity or pollution. View the product here.
  3. Lock Mortice
    It is important to note that fire doors must not be locked as this prohibits escaping from the building. However, your fire door should be fitted with a lock system for the rare occasion that the door does require locking.  The Startec Lock Mortice is available in matt or satin finish and is certified with compliance with EN 12209:2003. View the product here.
  4. Intumescent Fire Protection Kit for Lock Mortice
    This fire protection kit protects the lock mortice when exposed to hot temperatures. It is recommended that you use the kit that provides fire resistance for up to 60 minutes. View the product here.
  5. Lever Handle
    The lock mortice must be operated with a lever handle to make exiting through the door as accessible as possible. Our Lever Handle set, available in polished or satin finish, is available for two thicknesses of door and is fire rated for 60 minutes. View the product here.
  6. Key Lock
    The key lock View the product here.
  7. Keep Shut Sign
    Your fire door will require two Keep Shut Signs, one on either side of the door, so that everyone that enters or exits the door is aware that they must shut the door behind them. These signs should be positioned above eye level to increase visibility. Our Keep Shut Signs are available in a range of materials, which you can view here.


Do you have any questions about fitting a fire door to your project? We have experts within our Projects Team who are Dip FD qualified with diplomas from the Fire Door Inspection Scheme.