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Wooden Expanding Cutlery Insert, for Drawer Depth 440-500 mm, eXTray

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Alto Cutlery Insert, for Alto drawer system

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DWD Cutlery Insert, for DWD Packed drawer system

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Plastic Cutlery Insert, For Slim Wall Matrix Box

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Plastic Cutlery Insert, Depths 423/473 mm, for Cabinet Widths 400-1000 mm, Anthracite

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Wooden Expanding Drawer Organiser, for Spice Jars and Knives, eXTray

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Deep Drawer Organiser, with Plate Stack Insert, for Drawer Depth 450 mm

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Drawer Insert System, Flex Basic, Aluminium

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Plastic Cutlery Insert, Depths 430/480 mm, for Matrix Box P/Grass Nova Pro Drawer Boxes, Silver

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Plastic Cutlery Insert, for Nominal Depth 500 mm, for Cabinet Width 300-1000 mm

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Wooden Knife Block, for Cutlery Inserts from Size 50/60

Art. no. 556.53.310
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