Everhot now supplied by Hafele Ireland

In 2017, we proudly announced our partnership with EVERHOT, the leading manufacturer of plug-in Range Cookers. EVERHOT cookers are all electric and are extremely convenient to install, requiring nothing more than a plug and a socket. 

These days we are spending more and more of our time in the kitchen, with the ever popular trend of open plan living spaces.  Kitchens have become a multi functional space, being used for relaxing with friends, catching up on work or helping the kids with schoolwork.   With this in mind , its important that the area is adequately heated to sure it's comfortable and cosy.  The Everhot is a heat storage range cooker which will provide perfect background heat day & night. 


The EVERHOT traditional electric cooking range consists of eleven different products, in six different sizes so there really is an Everhot cooker to fit all styles and sizes of kitchen.  Each size has a defined number of ovens. There are also options to choose from on Hob layout, with a choice between a traditional simmer plate or  state-of-the-art Induction hob for those that prefer the control and speed of induction cooking. 

The EVERHOT is a unique appliance available in 60, 90, 100, 110, 120 & 150 centimetre widths. The 60 being the first true heat storage range designed to fit into the 600mm wide cooker space in standard kitchen units. Each oven and heating surface can be independently adjusted to required temperatures. Indeed if a particular cooking area is not needed for long period you can switch it off or turn it down without affecting the other areas. And on hot summer days, you don't have to roast in the kitchen.

Choose your size to buy now: 

With Standard CooktopWith Induction Zones
Everhot 60 
Everhot 90+Everhot 90i
Everhot 100+Everhot 100i
Everhot 110+Everhot 110i
Everhot 120Everhot 120i
Everhot 150Everhot 150i







Energy Saving

As EVERHOT are all electric, with a unique energy saving designt, they are extremely low power consumers.  The EVERHOT will take a drip feed of power througout the day which minimises running costs , whilst providing a constant background heat source.

Flue Free

Because it runs on electricity, the EVERHOT needs no flue. Again, this makes installation easy, and also reduces energy consumption.

Total control

Each oven and heating surface can be independently adjusted to the temperature you require. If a particular cooking area is not needed for long periods, you can switch it off or turn it down without affecting the other areas. And on hot summer days, you don't have to roast in the kitchen.


You'll have a full-width radiant grill, which an also be used to rapidly boost oven temperature. Other comparable ranges just don't provide grills.


With a little care and attention, the EVERHOT will perform trouble-free year after year, with no annual servicing requirement (unlike other ranges).

Environmentally friendly

Each and every EVERHOT is manufactured in Gloucestershire, using 95% UK components. Using sustainable water energy from the 13th Century water mill was the catalyst for the initial invention of the EVERHOT cooker. Today, the state of the art turbine produces up to 25KW of sustainable energy. Additionally, due to the EVERHOT being so energy efficient in it's running consumption it maintains its status as being a more environmentally friendly choice of cooker. You should consider your EVERHOT to be a lifetime purchase and indeed it will give many decades of use, but if you or a succeeding owner decide that you want to dispose of it we will remove it from your property free of charge and recycle it.

Ordering and Delivery

All products are hand-crafted using traditional methods in Dursley, England.  They are manufactured to order, delivered on an 8 week lead-time &  delivered via a bespoke delivery service to your door.



Hafele are proud to offer 11 colour choices to the Irish buyer.   From understated Black to rich Burgundy or cool Cream and Graphite. 

In order to give the cooker a further aesthetic twist, we are also offering the option of a chrome pack at an additional cose.  The pack includes chomed handrail brackets and hinge blocks, as well as a polished towel rail, door catch and buttons. 

Full details can be found on Everhot website:  click here





















For more information or general enquiry, please contact sales: sales@hafele.ie