IXConnect - For Lightweight Furniture Design

Häfele was one of the first companies to develop connectors for lightweight panels without frame that make it possible to create extremely robust, load bearing structures using lightweight board.

  • Rafix connectors and Rafix housings have been developed for lightweight panels with a top layer (MDF or Chipboard) of 4mm and above.
  • Tab Connectors and Tab housings are suitable for lightweight panels without frame with top layer of 4mm and above.
  • Aerofix adhesive inserts are developed specifically for lightweight panels and are easy to install into honeycomb panels with a top layer of 4mm chipboard.
  • Maxifix is particulary suitable for where strong connections are required such as kitchens. The top layer must be a minimum of 8mm thick. Fittings are also available for lightweight kitchen worktop with and without frame at one side and height adjustment facility.