IXConnect - Support for Furniture

Primarily manufactured at the Hafele factory in Berlin, ixconnect incorporates connectors, fittings and shelf supports for constructing a range of furniture, the most successful being the renowned Minifix,  first launched to the market in 1983.

  • IXconnect technology is based on well known advantages; proven functionality, high stability and product variety to suit a multitude of furniture applications.
  • Knock Down (KD) connecting fittings offer expertise to furniture design including Minifix, Rafix, TAB shelf connectors. Pushfix and plug-in connectors and Maxifix E Housings and Bolts.
  • Lightweight panel fittings make forward thinking furniture design a reality including Rafix 20 HC, TAB 20 HC, Aerofix inserts, Rafix connector housings and varianta HC screws.

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