Hotel Key Card Door Locking System

Dialock is an advanced hotel key card door locking system which meets the most rigorous security standards, designed and engineered by Häfele. The Dialock system can be found in many hotels and resorts across the world.

Why choose Dialock for your hotel?

Electronic locking doors offer considerable benefits when compared to other mechanical solution, in terms of security, aesthetics and organisation.

Lost or stolen keys can easily be blocked in the system and replaced at minimal expense. It is also the only way to grant flexible access to hotel areas or rooms at specific times, for example you could give your customer access the gymnasium only at certain times of day or restrict room cleaning maid’s access to particular rooms.

Hotels seeking a sleek and stylish look benefit from the aesthetic benefits of an electronic lock as doors do not require a bulky or obvious lock.

Dialock Video

Popular Dialock hotel system integrations:

There are many applications that can be integrated with the Dialock system, the following are very popular options for hotels:

  • Lift Control Integration
  • Cash Desk Connection
  • Time Accounting Connection
  • Conference Centre Integration

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