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SMUSO from Häfele

Smuso is Häfele's integrated soft close first introduced with double wall Moovit Drawer System - designed, engineered and manufactured by the Häfele Group. Moovit is available for use in all types of furniture including Kitchens, Bathrooms, Retail outlets, Laboratories and Healthcare facilities.

Smuso has since been developed and is now additionally used in Lift+Turn Cabinet Concealed Hinges for furniture and kitchen cabinets, the Häfele Slido range of Sliding Door hardware system and the Smuso retrofit soft closing damper, introduced for single wall metal drawer sides.

Soft close allows products to be closed softly and silently without having to force furniture and doors closed, preventing wear and tear to systems. Smuso is a versatile soft close system, split between being integrated into the fittings saving time in fixing separate components or being retro-fitted for added versatility. Both bring an extremely aesthetic variant.

Sliding Door Hardware: The soft closing system in Slido allows sliding doors to be brought silently to a stop when they are closed, gently pulling them to the end position holding them securely. Smuso is integrated in Slido systems for added functionality.

Cabinet Concealed Hinges: The 110 Degree clip-on quick fit hinge includes integrated smuso soft close offered for 14-26mm door thickness in full overlay, half overlay and inset mounting options enabling the cabinet door to be brought to a quiet, smooth close.

Single wall metal drawer sides: A retro-fit soft closing damper has been introduced for a 25Kg carrying capacity load for drawer sides with a 19mm return on the drawer side. The Smuso soft closing damper is designed to be fitted between the cabinet side and the drawer side allowing the drawer to be brought to a smooth close.

Double Wall Drawer Sides: Offering 30Kg-50Kg load capacity per pair the full extension roller runners include integrated smuso soft-close and self-close mechanism on both sides. This gives a quiet opening and allows the drawer to be automatically pulled shut on its final stages of closing, reducing the slamming of furniture and prolonging furniture life.

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