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Lift & Turn

Lift & Turn from Häfele

Lift+Turn is the brand for a range of lift up (flap) fittings and cabinet hinges manufactured for Hafele for all applications suitable for everyday life.

Flap fittings are becoming more popular throughout the kitchen, bathroom, living and office sectors as they are a practical and functional solution to make furniture openings more interesting rather than the traditional route of concealed hinges.

Flap fittings are a flexible alternative to hinges as provide innovative solutions to tricky applications in furniture design, maximising and optimising space whilst keeping the aesthetic appeal of covered fronts. They fit the most unique characteristics of furniture design for big and small, heavy or light applications and suit a variety of materials such as wood, metal and glass. Available in different mountings such as double lift up, stay flap, swing up front, parallel lift up front, lid stays, flap stays and chest options the opportunities available are endless.

Concealed hinges are a preferred traditional option to openings and are offered in both slide-on and clip-on options with a range of mounting plates for 0mm, 2mm and 4mm heights. The 110 Deg clip-on is available with integrated smuso soft-close.

Full OverlayHalf OverlayInset MountingSmuso Soft-CloseNon-soft-close
Slide-on110 DegXXXX
170 DegXX
Clip-on110 DegXXXXX
125 DegXXX
165 DegXXX

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