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Hafele Moovit Drawer System

ixconnect is Häfele's group of shelf supports and connectors for constructing furniture, the most successful being minifix first launched to the market in 1983.

Two different ranges are available under the ixconnect brand, Knock Down (KD) connecting fittings and fittings for Lightweight panels to suit 4mm-8mm top layers.

The ixconnect range has been developed in conjunction with customer requirements and offers high stability for fusing surfaces together. A broad range of applications can be achieved with these well thought out fittings, such as bookcases and display furniture along with lightweight kitchen worktops.

The KD connecting fittings range includes the popular Minifix and Rafix ranges:

Minifix furniture connectors from Häfele

Minifix - a range of housings available with 15mm, 12mm, 15/12mm and 10mm diameter made of zinc alloy and 15mm diameter in polycarbonate. Standard connecting bolts are offered for 24mm and 34mm drilling distances, for direct screw in installation of 5mm diameter holes. A variety of other bolts are available including spreading bolts and bolts to secure mitre joints offering 90 degree to 180 degree angles to be joined. A drilling jig is available to allow precise drilling of Minifix 12 and 15 connectors.

Rafix furniture connectors from Häfele

Rafix - like Minifix this is based on the self centering bolt principle allowing it to be correctly aligned to create an extremely strong connection. Rafix also has a drilling jig available and offers a range of housings and bolts in different sizes and finishes.

TAB Shelf Connectors from Häfele

TAB Shelf Connectors - for situations where shelves need to be removed or replaced at different levels. The range offers a plug-fit support for 5mm holes or screw-fixing support for both 3mm or 5mm holes, all including a plastic boss insert.

The components for use with the lightweight panels range include:

Aerofix 100 furniture insert from Häfele

Aerofix 100 Insert - for use on honeycomb panels without frame with a 4mm top layer. It includes integrated adhesive allowing both outer layers to be connected together, is easy to install for both manual and machine applications and is receptacle to standard screws and bolts.

Rafix 20 HC Connector Housing from Häfele

Rafix 20 HC Connector Housing - offered for 32mm-50mm thick wood and is finished in plastic, offered in brown, white, black or nickel colour lacquer. It has a boss insert of 20mm with a 5mm dowel and a 45mm face plate in length.

Maxifix 35 HC Worktop Connector from Häfele

Maxifix 35 HC Honeycomb Worktop Connector - designed for a lightweight panel with a minimum top layer thickness of 8mm. Maxifix is available for both honeycomb worktops with frame at one side, and honeycomb worktops without frame. The connectors secure against loosening and offer a height adjustment of 2mm. The drilling pattern complies with kitchen manufacturer standards and has convenient, quick tightening.

Browse the full range of products in the ixconnect series.

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