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Dialock from Häfele

Dialock is an advanced identification and locking system using electronic keys, terminals and programming units allowing authorised access to buildings, rooms and furniture.

Dialock enables you to increase security in places such as in retail outlets, healthcare, exhibitions, leisure centres and gyms, entrances to buildings, hotels, car parks and is available to suit varying materials such as glass, wood and metal.

The Dialock system is configurable to assign different access rights by defining user groups via programming hardware and software. Dialock terminals take the user identification, date and time from a PC when programmed via a handheld unit, which in turn can be used to extract information from the terminals and also report on successful or denied transactions. Programming locks can allow users to have expiry dates and times, and only allow access to groups of locks to particular doors, or across a number of openings, or indeed all locks included in the project.

Dialock Hotel Locking Systems from Häfele

Dialock Hotel Locking System is able to specify which user and time period when access to buildings and rooms of restricted areas can be given. Authorisation can be granted centrally and managed for each room allowing flexibility to the working areas. Dialock can interface with Hotel Management Systems and is adaptable at any time to suit varying staff levels and access areas such as staff entrances, delivery access and parking.

Dialock DFT Furniture Electronic Locking System from Häfele

Dialock DFT Furniture Locking System replaces conventional keys with electronic keys containing a transponder chip on which user data and access authorisations are stored. Available to use on a variety of applications such as drawers, cabinet doors, glass doors, display cabinets and shutters the system can be used either locally, centrally or remotely using the online version, locating the central locking terminal in the main office and having a central shutdown option in case of emergency.

Dialock Electronic Locker Locks from Häfele

Dialock LockerLock is an innovative system that uses key tags and electronic cards. The electronic circuit within the unit is activated by pressing an electronic key against the button. The lock includes an integrated real-time clock to programme time-limited locking authorisations. An LED indication light advises the lock status, with each lock storing the previous 150 transactions.

Dialock Electronic Profile Cylinder (EPC) for Doors is a battery operated intelligent locking cylinder suitable for Euro Profile Locks in compliance with DIN 18251, for outdoor and indoor use. Suitable for doors 40-90mm thick the cylinder has a modular design as can be equipped with access control on both sides or one side with a knob fitted the other. An indication light is available for when a battery change is required and emergency opening is possible by means of an external power supply in case of flat batteries. The cylinder includes a real-time clock for logging of all authorisations.

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